The Unique Features of the ijoy Vape Shaman

For those who enjoy an all day long smoke, ijoy vaporizers offer the perfect solution. ijoy shogun vaporizer is the newest addition to the ijoy family. The ijoy vaporizer line offers high quality products designed to satisfy both the seasoned user and the newbie alike. With the ijoy shogun vaporizer, you are guaranteed a vaporizer that is the hottest in the market today!

ijoy shogun is the newest addition to the ijoy family. With a sleek, futuristic design and a plethora of advanced features, ijoy shogun really sets itself apart from the rest of the vaporizer market. Squonkers love cutting edge ijoy products, and ijoy shogun is the latest in electronic devices aimed at vapers. This is a great brand for intermediate vapers who want to take their vaporizing experience to the next level. The vaporizer offers a large variety of different kits including the “starter pack” which contains the ijoy vaporizer only, and other kits for more advanced vapers.


This year’s ijoy tank mod and box mod continues to impress with new designs and features. A new tank size has been added for an enlarged throat for a true all day experience. The new vapor output is incredible with a powerful max wattage of 3600 lumens.


The tank has an innovative leak proof design with an o-ring to help keep your juices fresh. The tank features a replaceable coil system that allows you to change up the airflow based on what you want. The vapor production is incredible with a powerful max wattage and huge bowl. This year’s ijoy tank is a huge improvement over previous models.


The vapor quality is fantastic. The ijoy vapor tank features a leak proof seal which makes storage very easy. The top fill system is the best ijoy has ever designed. All the coils are soldered directly into the tank itself, allowing you to get your juices right where they need to be.


The vapor quality is excellent as well. The ijoy tank has larger than usual heat emitters with a convection heating system. The vapor comes out very clean and is smooth to the taste. The coil heads are made from durable stainless steel, giving you incredible durability and reliability.


If you enjoy a good strong vapor, this is the tank for you. The ijoy vapor tank has a larger than normal heat emitter that will provide you with tons of vapor in a short amount of time. The top fill design is very easy to use, even for new users. The coil head is a very durable piece of metal and has been calibrated many times to give you great flavor.


When looking for a perfect gift for any man, ijoys unique tank styles like the ijoy shogun univ 180w are definitely a great choice. They are stylish, sturdy, reliable and full of flavor. There are a ton of unique styles and models to choose from as well. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect man in your life, or you just want to try one of the hottest new flavors, the ijoy vaporizer is for you.


Another great unique feature that the ijoy Vape Shaman comes with, the patented bottom adjustable airflow system. This airflow system can be adjusted from ten to five hundred percent in order to change the level of flavor produced. While most vaporizers only allow for a few levels to be adjusted, the ijoy vaporizer allows you to adjust from ten to sixty five percent.


The tank and coils are covered in stainless steal to keep your taste in perfect condition. The ijoy Vape Shaman has an easy to read digital display that lets you know exactly how much vapor is left in the tank. The standard tank is twenty two inches long and four inches wide. The advanced models have tanks that are thirty six inches long and three inches wide.


The vaporizer has two power settings that give you the power to regulate how much vapor is produced. The two power settings can be adjusted with the touch of a button, or with the power dial located on the bottom of the unit. The vaporizer also comes complete with the powerful vacuum tube and replacement coil head so that you are able to experience the ultimate in smooth and delicious vapor every time.