The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod – Product Review

aegis boost pod mod

It seems as though everyone these days has their own aegis boost pod mod. They come in a variety of different colors and models. The great thing about them is they are small enough to fit into your pocket and they can be used in the office or out on the field. Here are a few things to know about these popular devices.

The aegis boost pod mod by Vandy Vapor is a new electronic vaporizer that comes in a cute little black box. Like many of the vandy e liquid products, it can be used to enjoy a vaporizer while still being small and sleek. The aegis boost pod mod boasts an internal battery pack that lasts for six hours, while the aegis boost Pro has a rechargeable built in battery. Both of these models are compatible with the vandy’s vaporizer or cooler.

What makes the aegis boost so unique is its internal rechargeable battery, which gives it a lot more longevity than some other similar vaporizers out there. Many a times battery life will start to deplete on you. This will not happen with the aegis boost. There are a couple reasons for this.

First off, the aegis boost pod mod features a built in battery life, so it will never run out of power no matter how much you use it. This is a nice feature because you don’t want to be out in the field with a wattage that you aren’t using. You will get a lot of mileage out of a mod if you can keep using it, and since it is not dependent on a cord, you can be anywhere with it. Plus it is a lot less bulky than some of the other models.

The aegis boost pod mod also offers an adjustable airflow dial, which allows you to customize how much vapor you want. A lot of people like to use a bit of a stronger vaporware, but others like to keep a lower wattage. Either way, the adjustable airflow dial allows you to keep changing the amount of vapor per minute, allowing you to adjust the experience to your own personal preference. Another great feature is the temperature control. This allows you to manually set the temperature of your unit, so you don’t have to rely on the clock to do it for you.

One feature that a lot of users seem to really like about this unit is the build quality. The aegis boost utilizes a high quality silicone ring, which allows the mod to have a firm grip and a solid weight. It is completely waterproof and able to withstand drops from a bike or any other type of rough surface. The silicone allows the unit to be flexible but also prevents air leakage around the heating elements, so you are safe from hot air coming out of the heating element. Plus the band, which holds the silicone ring in place, is very durable and stays put without moving around.

The aegis boost pod mod also offers a lot of extras. The aegis pod comes with a charger, which you can connect directly to your computer, giving you a quick charge on your first few uses. The aegis boost also comes with a replacement battery, which you can also connect directly to your computer. The aegis boost has a micro USB connection, which allows it to be used with other computer devices. These extra batteries will give you longer battery life for your own personal preferences.

One little feature that really caught my attention was the built in programmable auto shut off. This aegis boost pod mod really comes across as a professional design, as it allows you to program in what time you would like the lights to turn off. You can do this at a certain time every day, or just at random times. So if you are a person who loves to go out in the evening, the programmable auto shut off can let you know when to turn the lights on, and when to turn them off. This is a great little feature that will allow you to maximize the battery life of the unit.