Is it necessary to disinfect the vaporizer?

Vaporizer not really have bacteria in everyday use?

Electronic cigarettes are the products that touch directly to the mouth. Therefore, you can not see a lot of saliva in the eyedropper, you can easily create a suitable environment for bacteria to multiply.smok vaporizers

Let’s discover the amount of Smok Nord 2 unsterilised waste in e-cigarettes.

The effects of nicotine and other alkaloids nitrosamines can gradually increase over time due to the buildup of chemicals inhaled by drug users.
This means that in essence turns vape residue; even after use, it can be transferred through the ventilation system and continue to endanger human health.RPM80 Pro

According to the analysis, it is worth noting that it is necessary to disinfect electronic cigarettes.Pallas Mechanic Resin

So, what is the method most appropriate for disinfection?
1. High temperature
2. Cleaning and disinfecting wipes disinfectants
3. Ozone disinfection,Augvape vape

In fact, they are not suitable for steam. The main reason for this is that even after disinfection temperature, the sterile paper is still needed to clean the equipment. In addition, after using disinfectant wipes, some harmful disinfectants remain on your computer. Since ozone disinfection is quite expensive, we need a better method.Jewel tank

Now, it is recommended that the correct method of disinfection equipment: only 3 minutes, you can use the ultraviolet disinfection box UVC LED 59S S2 for cleaning. UVC advanced LED UV rays are definitely your best option, and that will be necessary for absorption mist daily.intake rta

Ultraviolet sterilization is the use of ultraviolet radiation to destroy and change the structure of the DNA to sterilize and prevent bacterial LOST VAPE regeneration. UVC rays can sterilize the device, since ultraviolet rays band C are readily absorbed by the DNA in the organism.Q-ULTRA Pod
Ultraviolet rays are physical disinfection method. It is simple, convenient and widely used. With the development of new types of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet disinfection application is increasingly known.

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