GeekVape AEGIS Boost Vaporizer Review

geekvape aegis boost

If you are searching for an effective, compact, easy to use and powerful small digital electronic device then the Vandy Vaporizer Combo and the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit are just right for you. Both units have the same compact look and feel. They look just like a charger and modulator. The AEGIS Boost also has a unique electronic charging system. No need to worry about compatibility with different devices because both systems are universal compatible.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a battery and a universal voltage adaptor. The AEGIS Boost comes with a two-button remote. You can change the settings on the AEGIS Boost from ten watts to sixty watts. It has an easy to understand menu system and an eight-hour battery life. The AEGIS Boost comes with an adjustable airflow control that lets you configure it to suit your personal needs.

The Vandy Vaporizer Combo comes with a vaporizer with a built-in charger. This means that you do not need to connect the unit to the computer. The aegis boost pro comes with a universal voltage adapter that supports multiple devices. This makes it very convenient to use and it makes it very practical for a newbie. The battery can be recharged using the included USB-C cord.

The vaporizer in the Vandy Vaporizer Combo kit is a very handy thing. When you’re ready to enjoy your vaporizer, all you need to do is disconnect the power cord from the wall. You simply take off the cap on the vaporizer and remove it from the package. Now it is ready for use.

Another item in the geekvape aegis kit is the I-apo CCS Kit. This kit comes with a vaporizer and a stainless steel, quartz rechargeable Nicodemo cell. The CCS kit also includes a front USB port, an RDA, an atomizer, and two double cap cartridges. The vaporizer has a built-in clock, which helps to remind users that it is time to activate the heating mechanism.

One final thing to mention is the GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod System. This system comes complete with three individual baseplates for your individual bases of e-juices. This system works with the included rechargeable batteries. It allows you to quickly and easily create different flavors, so you can have a new experience each and every time you want to try a different blend of e-juices. This pod system is designed to work with both bottom and upper coils.

This pod vape system has two preinstalled coils: a medium and a high density. The medium size coil is designed for people who are just starting out and looking for the perfect all-around coil to get their juices flowing. The high density coil is designed to provide the most vapor with less burn time and to be the most efficient at producing nicotine for your device.

With the ability to adjust the wattage and temperature of your vaporizer is the ability to customize your experience. You can find many different applications on the market that will allow you to do just this. The geekvape aegis boost utilizes some of the best technology out there to give you the highest quality of vapor and give you incredible comfort while you are puffing away on your favorite blend.

Adjustable wicks are at the base of the AEGIS Boost and there is a fire button on the bottom. To turn on the vapor button simply touch the flame ring and it will activate the airflow control ring. By turning the airflow control ring the air flow increases and reduces the amount of heat built up in your coil. This allows a more efficient and reliable draw than any other electronic vaporizer. Once you’ve turned the airflow control ring up all the way you will have an incredibly cool and smooth draw.

The vapor production on the AEGIS Boost is extremely high and it produces an extremely realistic clouds. It can get extremely hot while you are using it and if you aren’t careful you can easily burn your lips from the heat. It’s important to keep your lips protected while you are vaping and the Geekvape AEGIS Boost offers a fantastic solution to this problem. There is a mouthpiece that comes along with the vaporizer that allows you to control the temperature of the airflow while still controlling the temperature of the vapors.

Although the overall build quality of the AEGIS Boost is really nice, I would rank it lower compared to the top of the line units such as the Vaporizer Magician. The AEGIS Boost may be more comfortable to use but the lack of advanced features like the vapor switch or the battery life may leave some people wanting for a little more. The battery is a little bit expensive compared to other brands but it lasts longer so you should consider getting a battery that will last longer. The only real downside to the Geekvape AEGIS Boost is the higher price compared to other similar products but like I said, you get what you pay for.