What is temperature control spray?

What is temperature control spray?

Even if you swear to replace the coil VAPE recently, if you often cough, there is an unpleasant smell in your mouth? If this is a very common situation for you, it can also be a coil that burns a little faster, the coil is mature. The most common reason is that the VAPE temperature is set incorrectly.

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The temperature limits the electronic cigarette to extend the life of the coil, and it is easy to enjoy the electronic cigarette experience. This is achieved by controlling the evaporation temperature.

What is temperature control spray?
If your device has this capability, it can be used for temperature control (TC) coils previously set at the upper limit of the temperature value. After adjustment, TC will monitor and adjust your reel, or simply reserve the reel in the stroke limit, and wait for the temperature to drop. This can significantly improve the life of life batteries and VAPE coils, and provide a more consistent flavor and water vapor.

Temperature and control parameters used
If you have never really tried to change the device, then setting up a start can be a little scary. But trust us, it’s not bad! The first thing to do is to find the type of your metal coil: nickel, stainless steel or titanium. Your TC device may have a suitable simple coil TC mode, or it may need to be set to a specific type of coil. After introducing, locking the piece. This will provide equipment information to adjust the baseline for the highest temperature required.

To start using the TC VAPE MOD atomization simply connect the MOD to the tank, then select the appropriate profile type reel and the recommended locking resistance of the device manufacturer at room temperature. Finally, set the desired temperature and enjoy! We always recommend that you gradually find the best position from the low temperature. The ideal temperature varies according to your personal taste and the juice mix PG/VG used.

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If you want to improve your experience and try to use electronic control of the temperature of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, please refer to our suite MAG P3! This kit inherits our MAG classic series and is now waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It also has a temperature control method for super sensitive, super large 1.9 HD touch screen, which is easy to adjust and therefore easy to use. This all-in-one toolkit makes it easy to set up and use TC vaping. Learn more on our website, or visit an authorized dealer near your SMOK.

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