Voopoo Vinci Review: The Definition of a Pod Starter Kit.

The sheath style Vapeciga voopoo vinci is the latest in a series Vinci. Fitter with the term “sheath mod” that Voopoo used for two prior Vinci. The reason is that X is the larger and thicker than the original Vinci and Vinci Vinci R 18650 and 18650 X battery can draw up to 70 watts. This device has a large color screen that is the same, and GENE.AI chip lets you adjust the power and more options.


Vinci reviewed there about a month and liked, but there are problems that hampered gives me full recommendation. Ie the filling hole lid is very easy to break, the coils in the package was bad, and had some setbacks when used when connected. Let’s see if Voopoo addressed these issues and if X Vinci worth buying.


Send me this free Voopoo cost device for the purposes of this review.


Price: $ 44.95 (in the vaporizer element)

Color: Aurora, space bright gray, carbon fiber, red, blue ink teal



Dimensions: 117 mm x 29 mm x 25 mm

Weight: 175 grams

Material Model: zinc alloy

Output: 5-70 watts

Output voltage: 3.2 to 4.2 volts

Resistance: 0.1 to 3.0 ohms

Battery: One 18650

Pod capacity: 5.5 ml (TPD 2 ml)

sheath material: PCTG


Contents of the kit

1 x Vinci apparatus X

1 x Vinci sheath replacement (5.5ml)

1 x coil PnP-VM1 (0.3 Ohms)

1 x coil PnP-VM4 (0.6 Ohms)

1 x USB cable

1 x User

Warranty Card x 1

1 x smartcard

quality construction and design


As for the quality of construction,Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is in the same league as the above Vinci. A device is sturdy and well built, and the extra weight of X because the size is greater and 18650 are the battery to feel better in general. But approx. 175 grams with 18650 Vinci wherein X is heavier than many mods individual batteries. If you want a lightweight, pocket AIO not going to be one, I can say that for you.


Mido Vinci (with pods) to 117 mm by 29 mm by 25 mm. Unlike the previous Vinci more clearly on the rise because half the height of a centimeter. There is a small difference in width, but the device tapers to the width of the sheath.


I was disappointed the last time I received the standard edition carbon fiber, and see TINTA I received today, I was right. The paint job on the device is first rate, and I even like the effects of false texture to go with. And the little touches that work there; buttons have a click and without the satisfaction of a rattle at all, and the battery cover gives the device a soft tapping and uniform appearance and luxurious feel. I was hoping it was one of the battery tray push-to-open like this takes a little time to take off and come back, but I got used to it after a while.


There is no change in its plastic sleeve, the funnel has an ergonomic shape and contours of your next two options allow airflow. But again, we must be very careful not to break the top of the silicone filler, which is one of my biggest gripes with original Voopoo Vinci show new. I would like to arrange a bit, because I’m pretty sure it’s not convenient for most users. I hope that attention be paid and redrawing the card at a time.




Vinci X works the same way as the original Vinci, with only minor differences.


Start by opening the screw on the battery cover on the bottom of the unit and insert a fully charged battery 18650 (see our favorite 18650 and be sure to buy one that can handle power). Then the first coils with five drops of juice and pushed into a boat. Now you can carefully pull the plug (fragile) silicon and filling pod with e-liquid. Be sure to check the cut on the side hull to select airflow you prefer DL second choice is limited and there is not much difference between the two, but it is remarkable. When he finished, give him a five-minute boat for the coil to saturate, then click the button five shots to turn on the device.


Vinci X will ask you to set the time at that time, used to calculate its flashes per day and display the data for 14 days. Unfortunately, time would not be much use to you if you load external battery (as it should) due to reset soon as you remove the battery from the device. It also seems to take your breath away every day chance when the battery, so all things against puff can easily become dirty after a while removed.


Simultaneously press the shutter button when you’re done, and you’ll see the home screen of the device. Watt is automatically adjusted depending on the coil used. X is rated 70 watts, but no coils are available to go over 40 watts, watts maximum chips which is a great feature of the device. Voopoo hopefully release the top rated coil in the future.


The menu is well laid out and very simple.


Five clicks the button, the need for the device on and off.

Press + or – to adjust watts.

Pressing the + and – keys to enter the interface BLAST together.

A pulsar fire – all Resets the daily number of puffs.

Pressing the + and fire together to lock the device (you can pull or change watts when locked).

At the press three keys at the same time enter the interface clock (you can change the time with the + and – keys).

Note that these devices are idle when not used for a while, and you have to press the shutter button to wake up. It can be a bit boring after a while, but it was not a big deal. Finally, the GENE.AI chip can be upgraded by Voopoo Too click in. software and download the latest version of the firmware on the website of the company. No updates available at this time, but hope they will start soon.


Vinci performance Voopoo X


The Vinci X comes with two coils in the box:


I covered a coil of 0.3 ohms in the coil of the head and part of the Vinci my performance review, but I’ll give more comments after spending much time with her since. This coil is probably the one you want if you like a small additional air stream and hot steam. Outside coil tramp happened to my original Vinci, all other coils 0.3 ohm, I tried was reliable. Reel life is not great, but good overall coil and the coil AIO best average in taste and vapor production.

Voopoo decides to replace the usual coil wire that comes with the original mesh 0.8 Vinci coil-PnP VM4 0.6 ohms. I did not know at first X-Vinci show much in common with the da Vinci, I’m sure Voopoo originally did not shake things up with coils. Voopoo contact us about it, and after using the coil during the three days, it has become my favorite. I use 20 mg of nicotine salt and the juice is perfect for this. I do not even feel the need to change the default watts 24 watts of the device placed in the correct tones. Do not generate as much steam as 0.3 ohms coils, but the taste is comparable, if not better. And it is also very effective. It took nearly 400 flushes empty cases, and there’s still some juice left in the battery!

As usual 0.8 ohm coil that came with the original Voopoo Drag get code, 0.6 ohm coils renders obsolete in most respects. It could be a little more stringent than 0.6, but certainly not satisfactory MTL, if that’s what you expect. Besides this, it is more prone to flooding and leakage of the other two coils. Use have found more than 20 mg of nicotine salt Vinci original, as a 0.3 ohm coil too strong salt. But now, with a coil of 0.6 ohms works well, there is little need to do a test.

Note that all coils can flood a little if it is not used for some time, especially if the pods are low in juice. It was more of a problem with the coil 0.8, but sometimes with others as well. I recommend keeping the sheath least half full if possible. The device problems Vinci is the source of self-shoot more relevant than the device does not support pass through. In addition, activation of a tie is an option button X single button is enabled. I truly believe that activation drawing causes more problems than it solves, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finally, I will not talk about the battery life and charging in this review; X 18650 removable take, I recommend using an external charger is not loaded on board.

pros and cons

Great build quality

color editing looks awesome

funnel comfortable

It may contain 5.5 ml of juice

powerful magnet

The screen is bright and easy to read font

soften the thread of the battery cover

Two airflow options depending on how you enter the gondola

fast chip shots and accurate genetic

Automatic game watt chips

counter two weeks may be useful

Take a 18650

Compatible with five reels PnP

0.3 ohm-coil packs a punch

0.6 ohm coil are very tasty and good low salt mid nic force

smooth airflow

Large and a little heavy for AIO

break easily connect silicon

Go on stand-by if not used for a while

Slightly leaks in pods

Time reset each time the battery is removed

Puff someday be able to remove from the table when the battery is removed

No coils available to go more than 40 watts

Without activation traction (button is enabled only)


From the standpoint of performance, Vapeciga Voopoo PNP is a device that can recommend. 0.3 ohm coils tasty and generate a lot of water vapor, and 0.6 ohms achieves a good balance between performance and power consumption, and are perfect for an average nic salt resistance. (Unfortunately, no coils that take advantage of the devices 70 watts, but should arrive soon.) At the same time, Vinci X is quite large and heavy so now IOA unit. I found that to be a problem Innokin Z-Bip has the same dimensions and weight, and still is in my rotation, but maybe every day for some people.

I am very pleased that Voopoo breaks through, eliminating problems with me Vinci, although tug of origin, it is advisable to charge the batteries in an external charger too. On the side of the housing, the cap of the fill port is still thin and break easily. Always I hope that fixes it in the future, but I recommend getting replacement pods just in case. The rest of the drawbacks were small, and there is a firmware update could not fix. Overall, if you are good with the size and weight Vinci X, I say go for it.

You can buy here:Voop[oo  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo

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