Modding Your VW

Wotofo, the brand that has earned itself the name of the world’s leading manufacturer of atomizers, tools, chargers and a variety of other smoking accessories have come up with a new product to take into the arena of vapors. Wotofo has come up with the Wotofo Pro Series. Wotofo Profile RDA is one of the best selling products in its category. Wotofo Profile RDA is known for its dual atomizer design and advanced vaporizing tools.

Wotofo Profile RDA is a high-performing dual battery electronic device that is made of high quality stainless steel and is extremely easy to use and operate. Wotofo Pro Series has two unique styles to cater to the varied preferences of different people. One is the Wotofo Pro Classic which has the classic body shape with sleek stainless steel wire frame and a black cover. Wotofo Pro Stainless mesh has an identical body shape but has a silver ion infused body with black mesh wires. Another style of Wotofo RDA is Wotofo Pro Nano which has a round body shape and a silver ion infused body. The Wotofo Pro Nano is extremely easy to use as it has a smooth wet-loading mechanism which provides atomized nicotine delivery.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo has an array of innovative features that make Wotofo RDA a highly recommended kit. Wotofo Pro Series vaporizers are designed to produce smooth, cool and soothing clouds on top of the regular vapes. Wotofo Pro Series has two different sizes and variants, with each size having a unique deck. Wotofo Pro Series has a deck that produces a cooler and less turbulent airflow than other models making it more suitable for persons with a sensitive skin.


Wotofo RDA Kit also has an impressive vapor quality that produces thick clouds. Wotofo dual coil build deck ensures that you get an amazing flavor producing experience every time you vaporize your tobacco. Wotofo Deep Juice Well is another added advantage of using Wotofo RDA. The deep juice well helps in maximizing vapor production and reducing the condensation to a minimum. This helps in maximizing the flavor production from your own customized built-in dual coil system. It is very easy to use; you can adjust the airflow according to your preference by using the included Velcro strap.


Wotofo RDA is one of the best selling mods available in the market today. Its popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly design, high efficiency and versatile benefits. Wotofo has four different series including the Wotofo RDA Supreme, Wotofo RDA Deluxe, Wotofo RDA Mini and the Wotofo RDA Ultimate. Wotofo RDA Supreme is the mod which have the highest built quality, provides supreme performance and has the lowest price among all the series.


Wotofo Supreme can fit in your pocket and is a wonderful starter mod for those who are looking for a strong mod with maximum wattage output. Wotofo Supreme has a massive adjustable wattage, it offers a variable power setting from 200 watts to 600 watts. It has a stainless steel cooling plate that is surrounded by a durable back plate. Wotofo RDA Deluxe is a powerful mod which can hold two standard-size rebuildable batteries in a concealed location.


Wotofo termini is a compact device that has an impressive list of features. This unit is one of the smallest size devices in the market and is ideal for users who want to stay cool while they are traveling. Wotofo termini has dual batteries, it has two separate sets of batteries. This unit also has a unique system that allows you to change your temperature from warm to cool quickly and easily.


Wotofo RDA Mini comes in a very attractive and compact design. The box contains a charger, a pair of batteries and an instruction booklet. This unit has a unique system that allows you to change your temperature between cool and warm quickly and easily. Wotofo has recently introduced the new dual battery model called the mrjustright1 which is a modification of the original woof gunmetal.