Recently, we had a full review of the new series of SMOK Scar SCAR-P3 and P5 Scar Kit, now look a shot at another new member of this series of Scar, Scar SMOK 18.

smok vape atomizer

As pod vape kit system has been popular for a long time, it is now the turn of the powerful of the box set!

What you can get 18 SMOK Scar?

1 x 18 Scar-Mod
1 x reservoir TFV9 (from 6.5ml)
1 x coil V9 0.15ohm mesh (pre-installed)
1 x V9 mesh 0.15ohm Coil
1 x Replacement Glass tube
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual

And IP67 dustproof and shockproof

smok nfix kit

18 SCAR waterproof IP67 which can withstand immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. And it is also dustproof (IP67) and shockproof to prevent the ingress of dust and accidental drops.

Always stick to the waterproof Geekvape kits water? Now, maybe you should take a look at SMOK! Anyway, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this IP67 waterproof and dustproof and anti-shock kit SMOK Scar 18 is definitely your best choice!

Flavor breakthrough -TFV9 tank

SMOK Novo X Kit

New tank TFV9 comes with two coils mesh V9 0.15Ω which are designed for sub-ohm vaping for cloud hunters.

510 Thread Connector

TFV9 tank uses a spindle regulation for increasing the frictional resistance of years increases the electrical conductivity, so that the connector can retain its original appearance, even if it is reused. Moreover, you can get the best user experience to the tank connection with a mod.

Capacity 6.5ml e-juice

No need to fill the juice often to ensure your e vaping pleasure.

Top charging system

TFV9 the reservoir includes a slidable filling system for simple e-liquid and safety refills. narrow slit can solve significantly the leakage problem.

V9 mesh 0.15Ω Coil

Morph 219W kit

V9 mesh Nichrome coil that has a large heating surface for producing huge clouds and superb flavor with less time to heat.

The full range of baby V8 coils (for the standard version will come out of the EU) are compatible with the EU TFV9 TFV9 tank and the tank.

Childproof top cap for increased security

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The top cover of the locking mechanism adopts lifting method and open to keep children away from the tank. The design can also effectively prevent accidental opening of the upper capsule and the fluid leak-e.

Scar 18 powerful Mod

Lighting new possibilities mod box, SCAR 18 becomes synonymous with power and performance.

It is driven by the latest IQ-X chipset with stable production and exceptional efficiency, and uses two 18650 batteries provide a maximum power of 230W to provide your vaping experience powerful and long lasting.

Smok MAG P3

Main Features:

compact design, powerful and portable
IP67 waterproof, shock and dustproof
Powered by two external batteries 18650
IQ Intelligent integrated-X chipset
output power 230W
Support the precise control of the temperature of nickel, titanium and stainless steel
6.5ml e-liquid large capacity
Slide-to-fill system
Childproof top cap for increased security
V9 mesh coil produce huge clouds and superb flavor
Gold plating connector 510 wire
Multiple protection: intelligent disconnection Atomizer Recognition / Puff Monitoring System / 8 Seconds / protection of short-circuit / protection against overheating / Low battery warning

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SMOK 18 Scar Kit

Double 18650 Pod Mod: SMOK RPM160 VS Artère Nugget GT, lequel?

SMOK artery and dual pod out 18650 mod for great power and long vaping times.Do you like innovative design? What`s the difference between dual SMOK RPM160 18650 Mod Pod Kit and artery Nugget Double GT 18650 Mod Pod Kit? Let`s check together!

Double RPM160 1.SMOK 18650 Mod Pod Kit

Smok RPM160 dual 18650 Mod Pod kit is the first and largest mod two battery Smok pods. It is a bit larger than other PMP devices, more powerful version of the previous pod systems like Smok Smok smok RPM40 RPM80 and RPMLite.smok vape atomizer

Smok RPM160 many beautiful colors of carbon fiber: black, blue, red, silver, gold and rainbow.
Smok RPM160 Mod Pod Kit is powered by a battery with a 160W power dual 18650 max. Smok RPM160 Pod kit includes a new set of IQ-160 chips and a TFT screen of 0.96 inches with vaping display data clearly. Smok RPM160 cartridge is provided with a capacity of 5 ml with the filling of the high design. In addition, the C-type quick charging system enables the fully charged battery in a short time.

The Smok RPM160 have the option to use two different RPM Pod Pod and CER. RPM Pod is compatible with all RPM coils. Pod RGC is the first Smok pod design with adjustable air flow. We recommend the use of the new cartridge with conical nets coil RGC. This nexMesh head using the technology to produce a strong gust of wind hit the exceptional throat and tons of flavor. This is the ultimate system box high watt ultra-portable mod / pod in one.

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1. The first and main SM0K dual battery Mod Pod
2. Powered by dual 18650 battery with output 160W Max
3. New IQ-160 Chipset
4. RPM80 RGC Pod with adjustable design Airflow
5. RPM80 RPM Pod – Compatible with other coils RPM
6. intelligent recognition sprayers
7. Puff Monitoring System
8. New RGC cone Mesh Coil
9. 5ml capacity with Top design filling
Multifunction protection 10.
11. 0.96 inch TFT screen
12. Cut-Off 10s

Double RPM160 1.SMOK 18650 Mod Pod Kit

Smok RPM160 dual 18650 Mod Pod kit is the first and largest mod two battery Smok pods. It is quite a bit larger than other PMP devices, more powerful version of the previous pod systems like Smok Smok of RPM40 RPM80 and RPM Lite.RPM40 Kit 

Smok RPM160 many beautiful colors of carbon fiber: black, blue, red, silver, gold and rainbow.
Smok RPM160 Mod Pod Kit is powered by a battery with a 160W power dual 18650 max. Smok RPM160 Pod kit includes a new set of IQ-160 chips and a TFT screen of 0.96 inches with vaping display data clearly. Smok RPM160 cartridge is provided with a capacity of 5 ml with the filling of the high design. In addition, the C-type quick charging system enables the fully charged battery in a short time.

The Smok RPM160 have the option to use two different RPM Pod Pod and CER. RPM Pod is compatible with all RPM coils. Pod RGC is the first Smok pod design with adjustable air flow. We recommend the use of the new cartridge with conical nets coil RGC. This nexMesh head using the technology to produce a strong gust of wind hit the exceptional throat and tons of flavor. This is the latest area of ​​high watt ultra-portable mod / pod systemall in one.Morph 219W kit 

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1. The first and main SM0K dual battery Mod Pod
2. Powered by dual 18650 battery with output 160W Max
3. New IQ-160 Chipset
4. RPM80 RGC Pod with adjustable design Airflow
5. RPM80 RPM Pod – Compatible with other coils RPM
6. intelligent recognition sprayers
7. Puff Monitoring System
8. New RGC cone Mesh Coil
9. 5ml capacity with Top design filling
Multifunction protection 10.
11. 0.96 inch TFT screen
12. Cut-Off 10s

2.Artery Nugget 18650 dual GT Mod Pod Kit
Nugget artery GT kit is the first double 18650 Mod Pod Kit world, which is powered by a battery with a power of 200W dual 18650 max. Nugget chip pod GT Aero Kit arterial comes with constant power output and multi protection. Nugget GT artery adopts 0.96-inch color display and cool LEDs. artery Nugget Smok MAG P3

RTA And Tank Sub-ohms

From a point of view external view, RTA and tank Sub-Ohm looks very similar and difficult to distinguish. However, the biggest difference therein, and a substantial difference between the two stand. sub-Ohm tank is easy to identify because the coil is replaced and make assembly clear. On the other hand, the RTA building platform can be complex, so beginners can not be confused with intricate designs and patterns. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up electronic cigarette atomizer to decide which to use. Let’s look at the tank RTA and Sub-Ohm and see which one is best for your service is vaping.

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RTA higher when looking for a delicious taste. I can not underestimate the sub-ohms and its ability to produce aroma, but overall, the outgoing direction RTA exceed many sub-ohm cans. With the ability to accommodate a reel crooked hand, the RTA can adapt to the ambitious helical structures that never appear in a pre-built spare spools, so the end or flavors clouds, which can be customized according to preferences of the user. RTA has built a platform that can accept a single coil or dual-coil configuration and a special air flow path that really affects one or more coils to pull evaporate eJuice the tongue and lungs. Furthermore, the central air flow prefabricated coil used in Sub-Ohm tank vertical passing through the coil, so more absorbed flavor half of the coil is exposed, while the other half remained in contact with means cotton wick suction. In addition to,

Both RTA and the storage tank Sub-Ohm has a large capacity, especially when the glass bubbles are introduced. Depending on the selected storage tank or RTA, the maximum capacity could reach more than 4 ml. This will reduce the amount of filling the reservoir may issue sub-ohm or RTA before introducing bubbles in glass tank. The important difference between the two is that most of the fuel tank sub-ohm have an air flow control system is placed in the bottom of the tank, since the wick system depends on the pieces that are blocked by the pieces of cotton wick, which leads to the center of the coil, which blocks most of the electrical potential leaks. However, the RTA tends to keep the control system airflow over it to prevent such potential leakage problem because the RTA must be the wrong hand, allowing users to use more or less cotton to slow down or accelerate the rate of wicking.

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RTA is generally more expensive than the tank Sub-Ohm, but this usually applies to the initial cost of repairable atomizers tank and coil construction materials. In the case of the RTA, because the spool manually, which can be made into a wire coil at a fraction of the cost of replacement coils, so that the number of coils that are provided over a packet replacement can provide. However, the money saved would be a waste of time. a lot of time and effort to replace coils RTA is needed. In this case, the deposit Sub-Ohm will win because the tank has a variable coil and users can only pull or loosen the coils used and replace it with a new coil in less than a minute. After the RTA decided that the coils can be replaced, you take the time to remove the old coil and build and install a new roll. This process can easily take 10 minutes or more.Augvape vape

Smok: Novice beginner Exemption and can use the Head Tank

Smok Nord Kit Pod System 1100mAh 3ml
The Smok Nord vape pod system is bound to refresh your vaping experience and the new favorite with the types of models. Smok system pod North vape serves you race all day and uninterrupted liquid with 1100mAh battery and the capacity of 3ml pod. mesh coil 0.6ohm and 1.4ohm normal coil respectively carry out their functions in the production of mass vapor and intenseflavor, as the result of it, Nord kit wins the appreciation of both DL vapers and MTL chasers.Smok Nord Vape Pod System New Color Coming

Main Features:
1. Built-in 1100mAh battery, support re-charging by a micro USB port
2. Diversified protections, ensure a secure and smooth vaping
3. Compatible with multiple coils, including mesh and normal, clean the requirement of DL and MTL vapers
4. LED indicators 3 colors, inform you of the power of the battery in real time in a timely and accurate
5. A button design, convenient to operate
6. 3ml capacity sufficient for a decision
7. 13 kinds of color and pattern vary your preference
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Package Contents


Smok North ceramic replacement Coil 5pcs 1.4ohm
The description:
Smok ceramic coil Northern 1.4ohm replacement guarantees highly pure and balanced heating effect flavor effective to prevent dry heating and spills vaping. Suitable for system pod Smok North vape / SmokNord replacement pod cartridge. 5 pieces in a pack.

Brand: Smok
Suitable for: Smok Nord Vape Pod System / Smok Nord Replacement Pod Cartridge
Resistance: 1.4ohm
Quantity: 5
Product Size: 0.9 x 0.9 x 2.2cm
Package Size: 7 x 3 x 4cm
Product Weight: 0.01kg
Package Weight: 0.07kg

Package Contents:
5 x Smok Nord Replacement Ceramic Coil 1.4ohm

Smok: Product Overview MAG parameters P3 and RPM40

Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod 230W
A popular TC mod indeed should consist of strong functions and easy operation, delighted to announce that that’s Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod 230W! Powered by the advanced IQ-M chipset, the Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod success escorted the burn rate to 0.001 s in shortening and stable device while steaming. And there to enhance your experience several working available when you match two 18650 batteries with him. Plus the 1.9inch HD screen, as smart as a mobile phone, allowing touch operation and reflects the result on the screen as the selected mode, puffs, battery life, real-time operating data, etc.

Smok MAG P3 Box Mod Main Features:
1. Require 2 external 18650 batteries to release max 230W output
2. Numerous protections, guarantee the stable and smooth vaping
3. driven by a Smart IQ-M chipset that manages the burn rate of 0,001 s in reducing the
4. Editable with multiple modes, secure fit a specific your needs
5. 1.9inch HD screen, support operation in a touching way
6. IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant, tolerant to the bad environment
7. Stylish pistol grip style, it is completely out of similar


Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit 1500mAh 4.3ml Standard Edition

Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit
Smok RPM40 Vape POD System VW Starter Kit is an enhanced version that not only superior, but up to 40W benefited in the portability of the Vape Pod system popular with Vapers with tailored power output of the adjustable power. The SMOK RPM40 kit supplied by the IQ-R chipset and 1500mAh battery pack, it runs in a reliable basic structure of speed endurance and evaporated react. Plus the two sidepods, the 4.3ml one with RPM 0.4 mesh coil and 4.5ml one with Nord 0.6ohm regular dual coils, guarantee the balanced heating effect and amazing taste. Everything seems to ready and waiting for you!

Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit Components

Main Features:
1. last IQ-R chipset and multiple protection, reduce the cooking time 0.001s, ensuring responsive and stable vaping
2. Integrated 1500mAh battery holder being fully charged in less than 2 hours by means of a micro USB port
3. Wattage adjustable in 1 – 40W, easy to adapt the new device to your preference
4. 0.96inch TFT display, clear on the specific operating data
5. pod 4.3ml with 0.4 RPM mesh coil, provided for continuous vaping with smoothed taste
6. 4.5ml pod with two North Regular coils effective to fix the heating and intensify the taste
7. Side filling system with a rubber plug, manageable and leakproof

SMOK nord 2 e-cigarette review

The compact design of the big smoke is a strategic change made by the well-known brand SMOK to meet the user’s favorite and market needs.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件电池比最好的After all, the heavy smoke in the past is very unsuitable for travel.
The SMOK nord 2 suit is the latest masterpiece of SMOK in the compact design of the big smoke. This portable product that combines the violence of the big smoke and the small smoke. In fact, SMOK has been doing it again, and the more it is, the stronger it is.
Compared with similar products launched by SMOK in the past, SMOK nord 2 is more outstanding. It is not only designed with an ignition key, but also designed a +- key for voltage regulation, and the key is also equipped with an LCD display.

轻按一下即可获得Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件功率调整
The main unit of SMOK nord 2 is a regular quadrangular prism, the edges and the bottom are rounded and rounded, which gives users a good grip.
The three sides of the symmetrical design are used to modify and beautify the fuselage in the form of patches. The materials are resin and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is more business-focused, while resin is more flamboyant.
The charging port at the bottom is a USB port, which supports charging while charging. The smoothness of the bottom periphery feels a bit larger, which makes it easy to fall when placing the desktop
SMOK nord 2’s split air inlet design is a bit wild, and it is designed for digging holes, so it does not support gas adjustment. This is only a kind of suction resistance for users who are looking for suction resistance. The air inlet also serves as a window for observing the amount of oil in the bin.
Because SMOK nord 2 has a display, it is more high-end. The chip it carries is a brand new IQ-R chip, and the ignition response time reaches 0.001 seconds.

SMOK nord 2 supports the adjustable power range of 1-40W, and the resistance range of 0.3-3ohm ohm, which can meet the daily needs of ordinary users.
SMOK nord 2’s screen data display is simple and clear, easy to interpret. The system supports screen display color replacement and lock screen, which can easily allow old users to retrieve memories and find pleasure. Of course, for new users, because the system is simple to set up, it is not difficult to get started.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件0.69inch OLED
The top of SMOK nord 2 is fully sealed, so you can’t worry about the damage to the body circuit due to the leakage of smoke, which is worthy of praise.
The cartridge design of SMOK nord 2 is basically similar to the cartridge structure of similar products launched by SMOK in the past. Its minimum support is up to 4.3ml. I believe it has moved many users.
Because the smoke bomb nozzle is wider and thicker, SMOK nord 2 is more suitable for lung suction, but the mouth suction experience is not ideal.

For SMOK nord 2 with heavy smoke, the design of condensation and return inside the nozzle is very important. In addition, for the inlet part of the suction nozzle, due to the influence of the thickness, it is recommended to do a smooth treatment.
The cartridge is equipped with 0.4 ohm steel mesh core and 0.6 ohm NORD core as standard, which can bring different smoke enjoyment to users.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件,通过USB充电

At the same time, the official also released the RBA kit, which is a big surprise for users who like DIY, but it is not standard and needs to be purchased separately.

In fact, the smoke bomb also supports a variety of other different specifications of the atomization core. Whether you choose it or not depends on your personal needs.
As for the airtightness of the smoke bombs, through testing, individual users’ concerns about oil leakage are actually superfluous.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件智能检测

For the taste performance, when using a 0.4 ohm steel mesh core, SMOK nord 2 feels that the analysis of the smoke oil is relatively sufficient and in place, which is a great improvement over the previous products.
All in all, the launch of this SMOK nord 2 can be said to have brought the gospel to users who have always adhered to the big smoke, adjustable pressure, DIY, large capacity, high battery life, and also so small (three measurements: 3.05 x 2? x 9.5cm), it is really powerful and portable enough.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件2 Pod包括

If you look at SMOK nord 2 with a critical eye, I would like to make two more suggestions: design the air intake to be adjustable; and also, to meet the need for mouth suction, you can consider one of the two cartridges. The suction nozzle and caliber of the bomb are smaller.

Evaluation|Nicotine salt’s wonderful companion-SMOK NOVO smoke!

More than half of 2018 has passed. In the past six months, countless devices, atomizers and cigarette oil were launched. One type of product has attracted the attention of the vaporizers. That is-small cigarettes. Its widespread popularity has helped countless old smokers. Reduced the frequency of smoking, and some have successfully quit smoking, which is also our original intention of exposure to electronic cigarettes.

Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit 800mAh 2ml

When we use the big smoke device vaping when we go out, it will affect the people around us more or less.I believe that not only the editors have been rejected by passersby after spitting a big mouth of smoke on the street. Before the public understood or accepted the electronic cigarette, the small smoke The device may be more suitable for going out, after all, it is convenient to carry and simple to use.

SMOK recently launched a new small smoke device called NOVO. The overall packaging background is black. The front is a physical picture of small smoke, which is more business-oriented from the perspective of packaging. The editor got the black version of the evaluation machine today. The family’s unique black and white snake pattern appearance makes it easy to tell that this is a SMOK product!
The workmanship of NOVO’s smoke bombs is very delicate. The black matt material is very thick, 2ml capacity and supports circulating oil injection. Remove the rubber plug on the side of the oil filling port, you can add smoke oil, the diameter of the oil filling port is enough to insert a pen-shaped oil bottle to add smoke oil. The cartridges are very tight, and there is no oil leakage after one day of use. When pumping. There will be a small indicator light on the middle of the front of the host. When you stop pumping, the indicator light will go out. Charging through the USB data cable. When charging, the charging indicator will be red and fully charged. , The indicator will automatically turn off. The connection between the cartridge and the host is relatively tight. The internal contact with the copper electrode at the bottom of the cartridge through the adaptive electrode needle is tight and will not be loose. NOVO uses an aerodynamic switch, which automatically ignites while inhaling. It is easy to operate and guarantees safety!

Convenient Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit
NOVO’s snorting and mouth-sucking experience is one of the small cigarettes I use that is closer to real smoke. The evaluation used halo PRIME 15 nicotine salt smoke oil. The smoke taste is more concentrated, very close to cigarettes, and the mellow flavor of tobacco The performance is extremely rich. It is recommended to use with nicotine or nicotine salt smoke oil to get a good taste experience and at the same time to get a strong sense of satisfaction. The built-in 450mAh battery can meet the endurance requirements of one day of frequent use, and the 2ml cartridge capacity can be used for about 2 days

The Beginner’s Chapter of Electronic Cigarette——Understanding Electronic Cigarette and Atomized Flavor

1: What is an electronic cigarette? Can e-cigarettes quit smoking?

The electronic cigarette is a device that uses electrical energy to short-circuit the resistance wire to generate heat to evaporate smoke oil to generate smoke. Electronic cigarettes can completely replace burning cigarettes. As for quitting smoking, it depends on personal habits and needs.

2: Is e-cigarette harmful? Is smoke oil harmful?

According to the materials used in e-cigarettes and the separation of e-liquids, e-cigarettes are far healthier and safer than burning cigarettes. After analysis, in addition to the unknown result of the fiber rope entering the body, no unsafe factors have been found. . The smoke generated by the electronic cigarette is water vapor, without any harmful substances and smoke tar, so there is no pollution of second-hand smoke, and there will be no unpleasant smell (unless the quality of the smoke oil used is not good), nor in the air-conditioned room There will be no taste.

3: What is the composition of e-liquid? How does the electronic cigarette work?

The constituents of cigarette oil are mostly glycerin (glycerin), propylene glycol, flavors or fragrances, and nicotine (nicotine). Nicotine stays in the body for 4 to 7 hours, and then is excreted with the metabolism (urination). The working method of the electronic cigarette is very simple. The resistance wire is wound around the oil-conducting material and then supplied to the resistance wire (heating wire) through the battery to make the short circuit generate heat to evaporate the smoke oil to generate smoke.

Novice knowledge of electronic cigarettes-atomizer, pressure regulator, mechanical rod

1: What is an atomizer? How many atomizers are there?

The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette, which includes the inner core heating component and the smoke liquid compartment, in which the heating component is a replacement part. Atomizers are roughly divided into three categories: core-changing type, oil-dropping type, and self-made type. There is another kind of god-level, so I won’t introduce much here.

Core replacement type: The main body of the atomizer is a liquid smoke chamber, and the heating component is called an atomization core. The entire atomizer can work normally by installing the atomization core, and the atomization core is usually a replaceable part made by the manufacturer. The appearance is generally more business, more portable.

Oil drop type: It is an atomizer with self-made heating components. The characteristic is that the amount of smoke is huge. It is necessary to open the lid and drop the oil into it after a few mouths. There is no oil tank. It’s okay to play, long-term use or forget it. Short shape and powerful function.

Self-made type: this type of atomizer is the most practical. The core-type atomizer can also make self-made heating components to repair the atomizer core, but it is difficult and difficult to achieve satisfactory results. The advantage of this atomizer is that the smoke is big, the taste is good, and the simple core is made. Therefore, this atomizer is deeply loved by users and players. For the taste, the effect made according to each person’s ability and materials is Different. This atomizer can be equipped with a variety of battery rods. Whether it is a mechanical cigarette rod or a pressure regulating cigarette rod, it can perfectly display her excellent performance, just like the goddess can meet the needs of various people! The disadvantage is that it is slightly larger and a bit heavy, making it inconvenient to use and carry around when going out.

2: What is the difference between the regulator and the mechanical lever?

First, let’s understand the structure of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is divided into two structures, a battery rod and an atomizer. Among them, the pressure regulating rod has a circuit board, while the mechanical rod belongs to no circuit board. The pressure regulating rod has the function of adjusting the voltage, and adjusts the voltage according to the resistance value of the atomizer. Through the function of adjusting the voltage, the user can choose the required amount of smoke and taste. The mechanical cigarette rod is a type of cigarette rod that cannot be adjusted in voltage. The mechanical cigarette rod is usually just a stainless steel tube, which requires the user to purchase a suitable battery for the cigarette rod. Mechanical cigarette rods usually use 3.7V lithium batteries, and most of the lithium battery models are 18650 and 18350. Individual models of mechanical cigarette rods can use other types of lithium batteries.

Here we explain that the pressure regulating rod generally uses polymer batteries. The slightly better pressure regulating rod can use 18650 and 18350 or other types of lithium batteries. The pressure regulating rod is released due to circuit board restrictions. The current power is about 2A to 3.5A, and the voltage is about 3V to 5V, and the low resistance limit is generally below 1 ohm, after which the battery rod does not work. The mechanical cigarette rod is directly discharged through the lithium battery, and the current power is about 6A. The difference in power between the two is almost half, and the mechanical cigarette rod does not limit the minimum resistance. The lithium battery slowly reduces the voltage according to the remaining capacity. The voltage in the fully charged state is 4.2V and the minimum voltage is 2.75V.

3: What is the special relationship between voltage and power and atomizer?

Through the previous section, we learned that mechanical cigarette rods have more power, while voltage regulating rods have rich voltage stages.

When we choose, we must first determine our own needs. At present, pressure regulation and machinery have their own advantages, but there is one thing that can’t be compared, that is, the weight. Most mechanical cigarette rods are relatively heavy and belong to the weapon type. Most of the pressure regulators pay attention to everyone’s boudoir, which is light and full.

Here is a brief explanation of the relationship between the mechanical cigarette rod and the atomizer. The pressure regulation will not be introduced much, and any atomizer can be competent. Mechanical cigarette rods are most suitable for self-made atomizers and oil drop atomizers. Ordinary core-changing atomizers are easy to burn the atomizing core on the mechanical cigarette rod because of the high power because of the fixed resistance . The self-made atomizer can achieve large smoke and taste and taste through the self-made resistance wire core and the oil guide material used, while most of the self-made atomizers have good oil guide effect, so the self-made type on the mechanical cigarette rod The atomizer can exert her powerful structural superiority and atomization performance.


Advanced Selection for E-cigarette Beginners——Choose the right equipment and cigarette oil

1: How do I choose a device? What kind of equipment is suitable for me?

Recommendations are the most difficult problem because you don’t know what you need. If you read the instructions in the previous chapter, you should already understand your needs. It is very important to choose the corresponding equipment according to your own situation. Novices recommend buying the ego series, easy to get started.

2: How many sets of equipment should I buy? What kind of equipment should I buy?

I don’t know how many sets of equipment to buy, but one set is really not enough. It is recommended that three sets are better. Set a separate set for the pressure regulation and the machine, and come up with different equipment according to their own needs and occasions. The pressure regulation is light and the machine is heavy.
In addition, some small cigarette rods are indeed very attractive, but the small cigarette rods sacrifice power and oil, and need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment to provide daily travel use. It is too gorgeous and suitable for users with small or no smoking addiction.

3: What flavor of smoke oil should I use to match my cigarette rod? What concentration of smoke oil should I choose?

The recommendation here is to use 8MG (8 mg) concentration of smoke oil for daily use. The mg concentration marked in the smoke oil is the amount of nicotine per ml of liquid smoke. If there is no cigarette addiction or entertainment for female friends, you can choose non-concentrated e-liquid to swallow the clouds, and practice the spit circle. After all, e-liquid is not cheap. There are many flavors of cigarette oil for people to choose from. Among them, cigarette smoke has nothing to do with cigarettes. It is just a synonym. Good smoke oil tastes very good. Daily use is still more suitable for cigarettes. If you quit smoking Friends can choose fruit flavors, tea flavors or other food flavors to insist on using and slowly reduce the concentration. If you feel that you are not satisfied, you can replace the smoke oil to properly refresh the smoke.

The quality of the cigarette oil must be selected. The market is full of many brands and three smokeless oils. It is recommended to find out the source of the cigarette oil and the manufacturer before offers the best kits with e-liquid.