Augvape RTA: Very easy to use vape Accessories

Augvape intake RTA with double coil 5.8ml
The description:
Augvape dual socket RTA is the improved version of the dose Augvape RTA with a single coil, which makes a big improvement in the heating zone, the ijk capacity and overall diameter, suitable to capture an experience vaping optimized with faster heating and steam denser for you. The upper air flow system is active in the upward direction flow to the heated coil and return to the peak of the drop, which is effective to maintain the aerated chimney and smooth taste by the extension of the trajectory flavor. 4 color options.

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Pallas Mechanic Resin

Main Features:
1. Maximum Capacity 5.8ml, affordable for consistent and immersive vaping
2. platform dual coil, easy to assemble and disassemble
3. Top fill design, easier filling
4. High air flow system with high slits on both sides, available for an airy and smooth experience
5. transparent glass tube, light on consumption and the amount left thuwikc

Augvape admission RTA 4.2 ml
The description:
As for admission Augvape RTA, there is a conventional configuration and untraditional performance. In particular, the system up and down, Augvape Intake RTA improves your vaping atmosphere by turning the steam path, direct and super-sufficient. You will surely get a constant experience through the large capacity 4.2 ml.

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Main Features:
1. Top filling system, to simplify the filling
2. Top to bottom airflow system, straighten the path of the steam, smoke effect the thickening
3. capacity of 4.2 ml, to take abundant consumption


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The Latest Powerful Production Of Augvape-Narada Pro AIO

An updated version of the original … in association with Narada Vaperizzo, Druga and Augvape. They make this more elegant version and more robust, faster, can be used on the road, better coils, and above all, beautiful design.

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RPM80 Pro

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The Pod has three different designs, and carbon black namely, red and leather, and wood and gunmetal. Nice finish and designed.
The container may contain 3.7 ml of liquid and has a strong air flow.
There are O-ring replacement and the two coils, grid 0.4ohm and 1.0ohm single coil.
The user manual and warranty card are always at the bottom of the box.

Augvape vape

The device of the filling process is carried out by a small rubber stopper, which may be designed to be more user-friendly. As long as there is no liquid in the coil switching process is easy and can be quickly replaced by pushing and pulling accessories. These coils are small and can well absorb liquids, but do not empty; it is recommended that at least 5 minutes, I will give more. After 20-30 soaks, the taste is perfect. The size of the equipment is 82x40x14mm, beautiful and compact.
The pod is very compact and has some functions. Home button + and –
variable power
Torsion (rotation) is large.
firmware upgradable
Single Coil-1.0ohm

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Jewel tank
This is suitable for spraying MTL, so you can choose this option if you prefer. The airflow is completely open and the draw is indeed a good choice. The taste is really good and I am impressed with its performance. This is a nice little pod, suitable for any cylinder MTL, but I want to make sure that you use a 50/50 salt with a salt content.
coil 0.4ohm Mesh
Throughout my mesh coils tests, it is a small coil. I can tell they work well and last for a while. I use 50/50 liquid, it is delicious! Since then, I’m going for 10 days and I must say they have managed to correct these coils. They absorb the liquid very fast and very well
. It took about 10-15 minutes to complete cotton. It should be soaked for a while so as not to damage the coil, I only leave it for a long time. With flavor, it’s there, but it took some time to make the rich flavor even more.
With battery life, I managed to get a good utilization rate on .4ohm, but it can last for about 2 days with MTL. It is not as big as the previous Narada AIO 1100 mAh, only 950 mAh.


· Amazing design features
· Good air circulation
· Flavor and incredible little device in the cloud
· Inflatable Pod
· Replace the coil
· Dayun
· Strong fixing Pod (Magnet)

· No way to know the airflow
· Pod must remove the fill, not the main

in conclusion

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Now let’s clarify here … Augvape was picking up some good kits lately, and they are promising for each piece. The first AIO was great, and compactness and ease of use has attracted the attention of vapers worldwide. This is even better. While the battery is low, it is still very convenient. The roller is much better and the taste is better. Only by removing recharged cloves is it a minor problem. This can result in the replacement of the pods, as investment will become loose over time.

Should I buy now? What I mean is that it’s perfect for carrying, pocket and taste!

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Introduction Of Robust Augvape Tanks

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils 5PCS

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils 5PCS Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils is specially designed for the Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank atomizer and ensures a great taste experience when vaping. It features two types of coil: 0.2ohm Clapton Mesh Coil (60-75W) and 0.15ohm Mesh Coil (60-75W). The former is made of Kanthal and Nichrome materials, and the latter is made of Kanthal materials. The coil made of Kanthal material has better flavor and a longer lifespan than regular mesh coil. Both coil heads bring out the complex flavors of your e-liquids and heat up fast to produce massive vape clouds. 5 pieces in each pack.

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RPM80 Pro

Smok Nord 2

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Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank 3.5ml

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank is constructed from durable stainless steel, the Intake Sub Ohm Tank can hold between 3.5mL to 5mL of e-juice. Refilled using a top fill system, the Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank reveals two large fill ports to accommodate any nozzle size from e-Juice bottles. Air intake holes and a rotating ring were placed directly under the top cap, reliably protecting the device from accidental leaks. Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank has an innovative coil called the Clapton Mesh Coil, which provides better flavor and a longer lifespan than regular mesh coils. These newly crafted coils intensify the flavor to the level of an RDA without the need to build.

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Jewel tank

intake rta


Augvape Jewel Disposable Sub Ohm Tank 3ml 0.15ohm 3PCs

Augvape Jewel disposable sub ohm tank is built with a non-replaceable 0.15ohm mesh coil, conducive to smoothen the flavor and optimize the taste. The common top filling system and bottom airflow design make your experience more contented.

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Pallas Mechanic ResinLOST VAPE

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Augvape Narada Pro Pod System Review

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml
On the basis of the Augvape Druga Narada Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit, Augvape Narada Pro Pod System makes improvements on the cartridge installation, increased OLED screen, filling position, appearance and so on, turning it into a favored one in the series of your collections. You can adapt the working wattage to your taste preference from 5W to 30W for a flexible vaping experience. The OLED screen acts on informing you of the specific operation data, such as the real-time battery life, selected power, resistance, etc. 3 colors optional.Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml

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Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml Exploded ViewAdjustable Waltage & Plus ButtonsAugvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit Quick Charging Technology

Main features:
1. A wide range adjustable power, best fits their taste preference
2. Modes TC and VV Ability to work after updating the firmware, suitable to enrich the diversity of functions
3. Superior in fast charging through a USB port C, available for an output of only 80% in 25 minutes
4. Equipped with an OLED screen on top, the data is displayed machine operation
5. pod 3.7 ml with a design side, manageable filling and leakproof
6. 2 replaceable coils to satisfy both efficient and vapers DL MTL