Relx Phantom Kit – The Biggest Downsides of This Product

Relx Phantom is a really good sweet tobacco blend. In the flavor department, nothing compares to relx phantom. You can feel its heavy taste at first, but it gradually mellows down and you are left with a really cool feeling on your tongue and a very satisfied feeling. When your done with it, you would be surprised how cheap and addictive it is.

Relx Phantom Kit comes with three pre-filled relx pods for various flavors like cherry cola, banana cream, blueberry pie etc. The flavor of relx phantom is just perfect for those people who love to experiment with e-liquid. The taste that was tried and tested is strawberry ice and raspberry milkshake ( 13 flavors available for picking). It is rich tasting and smooth, not too sticky and not too creamy. There is also a free gift with every order under the relx phantom v5 vend discount code.


The biggest downside of relx phantom kit is that it is extremely addicting and tempting. If you want to stop consuming it, you will eventually find out that it has been too much for you. Your body will crave for it every time that you smoke another stick. This is an excellent taste and you may crave for it repeatedly. When you want to stop smoking, you will need to reline this flavor in your body in such a manner so that it is relished lesser.


The best thing about relx phantom is that it does not have any taste of artificial sweeteners or chemicals. The product comes with no odor of any sort. You can easily relish this and enjoy the finest e juice. This has been one of the best things about this product as you are guaranteed to have a consistent tasting experience. The kit is easy to use and the instructions are clearly written on the product.


The most important factor when choosing a smoking cessation product is that you must choose one that is very easy to use. If you find the relx phantom to be too difficult to use, you might not continue using it. The e liquid that is available in this kit has been designed in such a way that it gives a consistent vapor and flavor each time that you smoke a stick. This has been an excellent aspect about the relx phantom as you are guaranteed to relish the taste of your first puff. The Peach Tea flavor is especially popular among people who relish the taste of peach tea.


The relx pod is the best part of the relx phantom as it has everything that you need in order to quit. You get a mouthguard to prevent your teeth from becoming sore and the matching inhaler that you can take anywhere with you. The inhaler is also great as it gives you almost perfect vapor control. If you use the mouth guard regularly, you will not need to worry about dental problems. The kit comes with a three month supply of this amazing elixir.


One of the biggest drawbacks of this product is that it can prove to be extremely difficult to keep going if you have a weak will. The entire reason behind using this product is to give you the ability to stop vaping without experiencing any sort of withdrawal symptoms. If you are addicted to nicotine, you will probably find it difficult to quit using this. There have been many individuals that have used the relx pod and failed to quit for weeks or months at a time. They probably did not understand the ingredients that were used to create this product and they inadvertently overdosed on it.


Overall, the relx phantom kit definitely has its benefits. This type-c usb vaporizer is very affordable, has an easy to use electronic menu, and an excellent taste. You should check out this starter kit before you buy one of these expensive products.