Is it necessary to disinfect the vaporizer?

Vaporizer not really have bacteria in everyday use?

Electronic cigarettes are the products that touch directly to the mouth. Therefore, you can not see a lot of saliva in the eyedropper, you can easily create a suitable environment for bacteria to multiply.smok vaporizers

Let’s discover the amount of Smok Nord 2 unsterilised waste in e-cigarettes.

The effects of nicotine and other alkaloids nitrosamines can gradually increase over time due to the buildup of chemicals inhaled by drug users.
This means that in essence turns vape residue; even after use, it can be transferred through the ventilation system and continue to endanger human health.RPM80 Pro

According to the analysis, it is worth noting that it is necessary to disinfect electronic cigarettes.Pallas Mechanic Resin

So, what is the method most appropriate for disinfection?
1. High temperature
2. Cleaning and disinfecting wipes disinfectants
3. Ozone disinfection,Augvape vape

In fact, they are not suitable for steam. The main reason for this is that even after disinfection temperature, the sterile paper is still needed to clean the equipment. In addition, after using disinfectant wipes, some harmful disinfectants remain on your computer. Since ozone disinfection is quite expensive, we need a better method.Jewel tank

Now, it is recommended that the correct method of disinfection equipment: only 3 minutes, you can use the ultraviolet disinfection box UVC LED 59S S2 for cleaning. UVC advanced LED UV rays are definitely your best option, and that will be necessary for absorption mist daily.intake rta

Ultraviolet sterilization is the use of ultraviolet radiation to destroy and change the structure of the DNA to sterilize and prevent bacterial LOST VAPE regeneration. UVC rays can sterilize the device, since ultraviolet rays band C are readily absorbed by the DNA in the organism.Q-ULTRA Pod
Ultraviolet rays are physical disinfection method. It is simple, convenient and widely used. With the development of new types of ultraviolet light, ultraviolet disinfection application is increasingly known.

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Augvape RTA: Very easy to use vape Accessories

Augvape intake RTA with double coil 5.8ml
The description:
Augvape dual socket RTA is the improved version of the dose Augvape RTA with a single coil, which makes a big improvement in the heating zone, the ijk capacity and overall diameter, suitable to capture an experience vaping optimized with faster heating and steam denser for you. The upper air flow system is active in the upward direction flow to the heated coil and return to the peak of the drop, which is effective to maintain the aerated chimney and smooth taste by the extension of the trajectory flavor. 4 color options.

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Smok Nord 2

RPM80 Pro

smok vaporizers

Pallas Mechanic Resin

Main Features:
1. Maximum Capacity 5.8ml, affordable for consistent and immersive vaping
2. platform dual coil, easy to assemble and disassemble
3. Top fill design, easier filling
4. High air flow system with high slits on both sides, available for an airy and smooth experience
5. transparent glass tube, light on consumption and the amount left thuwikc

Augvape admission RTA 4.2 ml
The description:
As for admission Augvape RTA, there is a conventional configuration and untraditional performance. In particular, the system up and down, Augvape Intake RTA improves your vaping atmosphere by turning the steam path, direct and super-sufficient. You will surely get a constant experience through the large capacity 4.2 ml.

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Main Features:
1. Top filling system, to simplify the filling
2. Top to bottom airflow system, straighten the path of the steam, smoke effect the thickening
3. capacity of 4.2 ml, to take abundant consumption


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The Latest Powerful Production Of Augvape-Narada Pro AIO

An updated version of the original … in association with Narada Vaperizzo, Druga and Augvape. They make this more elegant version and more robust, faster, can be used on the road, better coils, and above all, beautiful design.

smok vaporizers

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RPM80 Pro

Smok Nord 2

The Pod has three different designs, and carbon black namely, red and leather, and wood and gunmetal. Nice finish and designed.
The container may contain 3.7 ml of liquid and has a strong air flow.
There are O-ring replacement and the two coils, grid 0.4ohm and 1.0ohm single coil.
The user manual and warranty card are always at the bottom of the box.

Augvape vape

The device of the filling process is carried out by a small rubber stopper, which may be designed to be more user-friendly. As long as there is no liquid in the coil switching process is easy and can be quickly replaced by pushing and pulling accessories. These coils are small and can well absorb liquids, but do not empty; it is recommended that at least 5 minutes, I will give more. After 20-30 soaks, the taste is perfect. The size of the equipment is 82x40x14mm, beautiful and compact.
The pod is very compact and has some functions. Home button + and –
variable power
Torsion (rotation) is large.
firmware upgradable
Single Coil-1.0ohm

Click On:


Jewel tank
This is suitable for spraying MTL, so you can choose this option if you prefer. The airflow is completely open and the draw is indeed a good choice. The taste is really good and I am impressed with its performance. This is a nice little pod, suitable for any cylinder MTL, but I want to make sure that you use a 50/50 salt with a salt content.
coil 0.4ohm Mesh
Throughout my mesh coils tests, it is a small coil. I can tell they work well and last for a while. I use 50/50 liquid, it is delicious! Since then, I’m going for 10 days and I must say they have managed to correct these coils. They absorb the liquid very fast and very well
. It took about 10-15 minutes to complete cotton. It should be soaked for a while so as not to damage the coil, I only leave it for a long time. With flavor, it’s there, but it took some time to make the rich flavor even more.
With battery life, I managed to get a good utilization rate on .4ohm, but it can last for about 2 days with MTL. It is not as big as the previous Narada AIO 1100 mAh, only 950 mAh.


· Amazing design features
· Good air circulation
· Flavor and incredible little device in the cloud
· Inflatable Pod
· Replace the coil
· Dayun
· Strong fixing Pod (Magnet)

· No way to know the airflow
· Pod must remove the fill, not the main

in conclusion

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Now let’s clarify here … Augvape was picking up some good kits lately, and they are promising for each piece. The first AIO was great, and compactness and ease of use has attracted the attention of vapers worldwide. This is even better. While the battery is low, it is still very convenient. The roller is much better and the taste is better. Only by removing recharged cloves is it a minor problem. This can result in the replacement of the pods, as investment will become loose over time.

Should I buy now? What I mean is that it’s perfect for carrying, pocket and taste!

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Introduction Of Robust Augvape Tanks

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils 5PCS

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils 5PCS Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Mesh Coils is specially designed for the Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank atomizer and ensures a great taste experience when vaping. It features two types of coil: 0.2ohm Clapton Mesh Coil (60-75W) and 0.15ohm Mesh Coil (60-75W). The former is made of Kanthal and Nichrome materials, and the latter is made of Kanthal materials. The coil made of Kanthal material has better flavor and a longer lifespan than regular mesh coil. Both coil heads bring out the complex flavors of your e-liquids and heat up fast to produce massive vape clouds. 5 pieces in each pack.

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RPM80 Pro

Smok Nord 2

smok vaporizers


Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank 3.5ml

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank is constructed from durable stainless steel, the Intake Sub Ohm Tank can hold between 3.5mL to 5mL of e-juice. Refilled using a top fill system, the Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank reveals two large fill ports to accommodate any nozzle size from e-Juice bottles. Air intake holes and a rotating ring were placed directly under the top cap, reliably protecting the device from accidental leaks. Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank has an innovative coil called the Clapton Mesh Coil, which provides better flavor and a longer lifespan than regular mesh coils. These newly crafted coils intensify the flavor to the level of an RDA without the need to build.

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Jewel tank

intake rta


Augvape Jewel Disposable Sub Ohm Tank 3ml 0.15ohm 3PCs

Augvape Jewel disposable sub ohm tank is built with a non-replaceable 0.15ohm mesh coil, conducive to smoothen the flavor and optimize the taste. The common top filling system and bottom airflow design make your experience more contented.

Qucik Link:Q-ULTRA Pod

Pallas Mechanic ResinLOST VAPE

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Augvape Narada Pro Pod System Review

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml
On the basis of the Augvape Druga Narada Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit, Augvape Narada Pro Pod System makes improvements on the cartridge installation, increased OLED screen, filling position, appearance and so on, turning it into a favored one in the series of your collections. You can adapt the working wattage to your taste preference from 5W to 30W for a flexible vaping experience. The OLED screen acts on informing you of the specific operation data, such as the real-time battery life, selected power, resistance, etc. 3 colors optional.Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml

Vape Kits Quick Links:
Jewel tank
intake rta

Augvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 30W 3.7ml Exploded ViewAdjustable Waltage & Plus ButtonsAugvape Narada Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit Quick Charging Technology

Main features:
1. A wide range adjustable power, best fits their taste preference
2. Modes TC and VV Ability to work after updating the firmware, suitable to enrich the diversity of functions
3. Superior in fast charging through a USB port C, available for an output of only 80% in 25 minutes
4. Equipped with an OLED screen on top, the data is displayed machine operation
5. pod 3.7 ml with a design side, manageable filling and leakproof
6. 2 replaceable coils to satisfy both efficient and vapers DL MTL


Smok: Novice beginner Exemption and can use the Head Tank

Smok Nord Kit Pod System 1100mAh 3ml
The Smok Nord vape pod system is bound to refresh your vaping experience and the new favorite with the types of models. Smok system pod North vape serves you race all day and uninterrupted liquid with 1100mAh battery and the capacity of 3ml pod. mesh coil 0.6ohm and 1.4ohm normal coil respectively carry out their functions in the production of mass vapor and intenseflavor, as the result of it, Nord kit wins the appreciation of both DL vapers and MTL chasers.Smok Nord Vape Pod System New Color Coming

Main Features:
1. Built-in 1100mAh battery, support re-charging by a micro USB port
2. Diversified protections, ensure a secure and smooth vaping
3. Compatible with multiple coils, including mesh and normal, clean the requirement of DL and MTL vapers
4. LED indicators 3 colors, inform you of the power of the battery in real time in a timely and accurate
5. A button design, convenient to operate
6. 3ml capacity sufficient for a decision
7. 13 kinds of color and pattern vary your preference
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Package Contents


Smok North ceramic replacement Coil 5pcs 1.4ohm
The description:
Smok ceramic coil Northern 1.4ohm replacement guarantees highly pure and balanced heating effect flavor effective to prevent dry heating and spills vaping. Suitable for system pod Smok North vape / SmokNord replacement pod cartridge. 5 pieces in a pack.

Brand: Smok
Suitable for: Smok Nord Vape Pod System / Smok Nord Replacement Pod Cartridge
Resistance: 1.4ohm
Quantity: 5
Product Size: 0.9 x 0.9 x 2.2cm
Package Size: 7 x 3 x 4cm
Product Weight: 0.01kg
Package Weight: 0.07kg

Package Contents:
5 x Smok Nord Replacement Ceramic Coil 1.4ohm

Smok: Product Overview MAG parameters P3 and RPM40

Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod 230W
A popular TC mod indeed should consist of strong functions and easy operation, delighted to announce that that’s Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod 230W! Powered by the advanced IQ-M chipset, the Smok MAG P3 TC Box Mod success escorted the burn rate to 0.001 s in shortening and stable device while steaming. And there to enhance your experience several working available when you match two 18650 batteries with him. Plus the 1.9inch HD screen, as smart as a mobile phone, allowing touch operation and reflects the result on the screen as the selected mode, puffs, battery life, real-time operating data, etc.

Smok MAG P3 Box Mod Main Features:
1. Require 2 external 18650 batteries to release max 230W output
2. Numerous protections, guarantee the stable and smooth vaping
3. driven by a Smart IQ-M chipset that manages the burn rate of 0,001 s in reducing the
4. Editable with multiple modes, secure fit a specific your needs
5. 1.9inch HD screen, support operation in a touching way
6. IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant, tolerant to the bad environment
7. Stylish pistol grip style, it is completely out of similar


Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit 1500mAh 4.3ml Standard Edition

Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit
Smok RPM40 Vape POD System VW Starter Kit is an enhanced version that not only superior, but up to 40W benefited in the portability of the Vape Pod system popular with Vapers with tailored power output of the adjustable power. The SMOK RPM40 kit supplied by the IQ-R chipset and 1500mAh battery pack, it runs in a reliable basic structure of speed endurance and evaporated react. Plus the two sidepods, the 4.3ml one with RPM 0.4 mesh coil and 4.5ml one with Nord 0.6ohm regular dual coils, guarantee the balanced heating effect and amazing taste. Everything seems to ready and waiting for you!

Smok RPM 40 Vape Pod System VW Starter Kit Components

Main Features:
1. last IQ-R chipset and multiple protection, reduce the cooking time 0.001s, ensuring responsive and stable vaping
2. Integrated 1500mAh battery holder being fully charged in less than 2 hours by means of a micro USB port
3. Wattage adjustable in 1 – 40W, easy to adapt the new device to your preference
4. 0.96inch TFT display, clear on the specific operating data
5. pod 4.3ml with 0.4 RPM mesh coil, provided for continuous vaping with smoothed taste
6. 4.5ml pod with two North Regular coils effective to fix the heating and intensify the taste
7. Side filling system with a rubber plug, manageable and leakproof

SMOK nord 2 e-cigarette review

The compact design of the big smoke is a strategic change made by the well-known brand SMOK to meet the user’s favorite and market needs.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件电池比最好的After all, the heavy smoke in the past is very unsuitable for travel.
The SMOK nord 2 suit is the latest masterpiece of SMOK in the compact design of the big smoke. This portable product that combines the violence of the big smoke and the small smoke. In fact, SMOK has been doing it again, and the more it is, the stronger it is.
Compared with similar products launched by SMOK in the past, SMOK nord 2 is more outstanding. It is not only designed with an ignition key, but also designed a +- key for voltage regulation, and the key is also equipped with an LCD display.

轻按一下即可获得Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件功率调整
The main unit of SMOK nord 2 is a regular quadrangular prism, the edges and the bottom are rounded and rounded, which gives users a good grip.
The three sides of the symmetrical design are used to modify and beautify the fuselage in the form of patches. The materials are resin and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is more business-focused, while resin is more flamboyant.
The charging port at the bottom is a USB port, which supports charging while charging. The smoothness of the bottom periphery feels a bit larger, which makes it easy to fall when placing the desktop
SMOK nord 2’s split air inlet design is a bit wild, and it is designed for digging holes, so it does not support gas adjustment. This is only a kind of suction resistance for users who are looking for suction resistance. The air inlet also serves as a window for observing the amount of oil in the bin.
Because SMOK nord 2 has a display, it is more high-end. The chip it carries is a brand new IQ-R chip, and the ignition response time reaches 0.001 seconds.

SMOK nord 2 supports the adjustable power range of 1-40W, and the resistance range of 0.3-3ohm ohm, which can meet the daily needs of ordinary users.
SMOK nord 2’s screen data display is simple and clear, easy to interpret. The system supports screen display color replacement and lock screen, which can easily allow old users to retrieve memories and find pleasure. Of course, for new users, because the system is simple to set up, it is not difficult to get started.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件0.69inch OLED
The top of SMOK nord 2 is fully sealed, so you can’t worry about the damage to the body circuit due to the leakage of smoke, which is worthy of praise.
The cartridge design of SMOK nord 2 is basically similar to the cartridge structure of similar products launched by SMOK in the past. Its minimum support is up to 4.3ml. I believe it has moved many users.
Because the smoke bomb nozzle is wider and thicker, SMOK nord 2 is more suitable for lung suction, but the mouth suction experience is not ideal.

For SMOK nord 2 with heavy smoke, the design of condensation and return inside the nozzle is very important. In addition, for the inlet part of the suction nozzle, due to the influence of the thickness, it is recommended to do a smooth treatment.
The cartridge is equipped with 0.4 ohm steel mesh core and 0.6 ohm NORD core as standard, which can bring different smoke enjoyment to users.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件,通过USB充电

At the same time, the official also released the RBA kit, which is a big surprise for users who like DIY, but it is not standard and needs to be purchased separately.

In fact, the smoke bomb also supports a variety of other different specifications of the atomization core. Whether you choose it or not depends on your personal needs.
As for the airtightness of the smoke bombs, through testing, individual users’ concerns about oil leakage are actually superfluous.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件智能检测

For the taste performance, when using a 0.4 ohm steel mesh core, SMOK nord 2 feels that the analysis of the smoke oil is relatively sufficient and in place, which is a great improvement over the previous products.
All in all, the launch of this SMOK nord 2 can be said to have brought the gospel to users who have always adhered to the big smoke, adjustable pressure, DIY, large capacity, high battery life, and also so small (three measurements: 3.05 x 2? x 9.5cm), it is really powerful and portable enough.

Smok Nord 2 Pod系统入门套件2 Pod包括

If you look at SMOK nord 2 with a critical eye, I would like to make two more suggestions: design the air intake to be adjustable; and also, to meet the need for mouth suction, you can consider one of the two cartridges. The suction nozzle and caliber of the bomb are smaller.

Evaluation|Nicotine salt’s wonderful companion-SMOK NOVO smoke!

More than half of 2018 has passed. In the past six months, countless devices, atomizers and cigarette oil were launched. One type of product has attracted the attention of the vaporizers. That is-small cigarettes. Its widespread popularity has helped countless old smokers. Reduced the frequency of smoking, and some have successfully quit smoking, which is also our original intention of exposure to electronic cigarettes.

Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit 800mAh 2ml

When we use the big smoke device vaping when we go out, it will affect the people around us more or less.I believe that not only the editors have been rejected by passersby after spitting a big mouth of smoke on the street. Before the public understood or accepted the electronic cigarette, the small smoke The device may be more suitable for going out, after all, it is convenient to carry and simple to use.

SMOK recently launched a new small smoke device called NOVO. The overall packaging background is black. The front is a physical picture of small smoke, which is more business-oriented from the perspective of packaging. The editor got the black version of the evaluation machine today. The family’s unique black and white snake pattern appearance makes it easy to tell that this is a SMOK product!
The workmanship of NOVO’s smoke bombs is very delicate. The black matt material is very thick, 2ml capacity and supports circulating oil injection. Remove the rubber plug on the side of the oil filling port, you can add smoke oil, the diameter of the oil filling port is enough to insert a pen-shaped oil bottle to add smoke oil. The cartridges are very tight, and there is no oil leakage after one day of use. When pumping. There will be a small indicator light on the middle of the front of the host. When you stop pumping, the indicator light will go out. Charging through the USB data cable. When charging, the charging indicator will be red and fully charged. , The indicator will automatically turn off. The connection between the cartridge and the host is relatively tight. The internal contact with the copper electrode at the bottom of the cartridge through the adaptive electrode needle is tight and will not be loose. NOVO uses an aerodynamic switch, which automatically ignites while inhaling. It is easy to operate and guarantees safety!

Convenient Smok NOVO 2 Vape Pod System Starter Kit
NOVO’s snorting and mouth-sucking experience is one of the small cigarettes I use that is closer to real smoke. The evaluation used halo PRIME 15 nicotine salt smoke oil. The smoke taste is more concentrated, very close to cigarettes, and the mellow flavor of tobacco The performance is extremely rich. It is recommended to use with nicotine or nicotine salt smoke oil to get a good taste experience and at the same time to get a strong sense of satisfaction. The built-in 450mAh battery can meet the endurance requirements of one day of frequent use, and the 2ml cartridge capacity can be used for about 2 days

Exhale the past, call the future(VAPE)

If you are a fan of history and culture, or you are an advocate of the mysterious culture (Egypt), and also use vape (or love vape), then here we have prepared some great new things for you. We showed the best vape tank (Onetop vape pharaoh mechanical mod). What is vape or steam? Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices.

Onetop Vape Pallas Mechanic Mod ResinThey have cartridges filled with liquids that are usually nicotine and flavorings. Electronic cigarettes are designed as substitutes for cigarettes. They have the same purpose of delivering inhaled nicotine, but in a completely different way. Vape tanks come in many styles and designs, with different functions and qualities.There are some steps for beginners to choose high-quality vape: The airflow needs to flow through the nebulizer in an efficient manner to produce vapor, which is then inhaled and exhaled. Each vape has an airflow slot, and the slot is fixed in the vape airflow ring.Battery-This is the most critical part of the device. It provides power. Therefore, please pay attention to the battery rating.  There are two types of Vape devices, some with built-in batteries that cannot be replaced, and others with removable batteries.Atomizer-Therefore, the heating section contains one or more resistance wire coils, whose wick usually carries some form of liquid storage tank to contain the liquid. Usually some cotton is wrapped around the coil to help absorb juice and help evaporate e-liquid.Coils-These are small resistance wires made into a coil shape similar to a spring. The coil usually consists of a compact tube that contains two leads, a negative electrode and a positive electrode, effectively bringing one side into contact with the battery, while the other side is in contact with the e-liquid lead, and a negative electrode and a positive electrode, effectively with the battery It touches one side and the other side is in contact with e-liquid. Dripping Wick E-liquid, etc. Beginners should follow these steps when choosing vape, which should be great for them. We introduce to you the onetop vape pharaoh mechanical module (onetop vape), which is the best tank ever. onetop vape pharaoh mechanical mod onetop vape method Lao Wang mechanical modOnetop Vape Pallas Mechanic Mod Detachable Design
Introduction: Onetop Pharaoh Mech Mod is a high-end mechanical mod that allows vaper to enjoy fast flames and vague mists. It is made of high-grade pure brass and has been specially surface-treated. elegant. Onetop Pharaoh mod supports 21700 or 18650 single battery, bringing powerful output to Onetop vape Pharaoh machinery modified beautiful tube. It has a length of 92mm and a diameter of 35mm. It feels heavy by hand and is slightly larger than many other mechanical components. Pharaoh will bring you a stylish, unique and diverse mist.Boxing style:
Onetop vape Pharaoh’s mechanical module comes with very unique Egyptian hieroglyphs in packaging. The reason for this mysterious packaging is the Pharaoh 21700 mechanical module, 18650 battery sleeve adapter and the spare spring for the power button. Specifications and functions: The weight is 120g (4.23oz) Depth is 35 mm (1.38 inches) 92 mm (3.62 inches) in height 35 mm (1.38 inches) wide The material used is brass, surface treatment Single 21700/18650 battery Spring button 510 thread Mechanical module with direct powerful output Special surface treatment Onetop Vape Pallas Mechanic Mod Real ShotsExquisite pattern Fast fire rate Package Contents: 1x Onetap Vape Pharaoh 21700 Mecha Module 1 18650 adapter 1x spare spring You want to buy that unique vape. Here, we are the best site to buy this cool Onetop Vape. All products on this website are 100% genuine and the prices are very competitive. Go and buy these extraordinary vape.